Cyborg FT-1200

A large, fast engraving machine

The Cyborg FT-1200 is the largest engraving machine in our range. Built on a welded steel chassis and provided with a large work surface of no less than 1250 x 620 mm! This machine can easily provide large plastic plates with the most beautiful engravings.

This machine comes standard with a vacuum table and ditto pump.  It features a fixed engraving table with a moving gantry.  The gantry is synchronously controlled on the left and right sides over separate motors.

The Z-axis spindle carriage can be fitted with a "floating" feed-through spindle or a Jäger high-frequency spindle, whether "floating" or not, as required.  

The controller outputs standard CNC G-code files, allowing the machine to be controlled by various CAM programmes such as Vectric, EnRoute, Cipher, and others provided they have a post processor for Multicam or Cyborg.

Cyborg FT-1200