Terms of service

Terms of service

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Technical interventions are understood to mean all technical performances for third parties, including:

  • repairs in our workshops in Kontich.
  • training courses at our offices in Kontich.
  • interventions at the customer.
  • technical investigation & investigation of error messages in the event of breakdowns or problems
  • telephonic support.
  • support via Teamviewer Corporate.

The above list is not exhaustive, but is only given by way of information.


An agreement for a technical intervention is an obligation of means, not an obligation of result, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

For technical interventions on site at the customer, the technician draws up a service report, which includes the following information: start and end time of the intervention, description of any reported or identified errors or problems, any replaced parts. the intervention, an authorized representative of the customer signs the service report for approval and receives a duplicate. If an authorized representative is not available to sign, the customer will be deemed to accept the service report as prepared, without reservation.

Invoices relating to such technical interventions are payable in cash, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.
Otherwise, the general terms and conditions of sale of Ketele apply.


During the warranty period, services will be charged insofar as they relate to:

  • maintenance and service.
  • machine failures and defects due to negligence in maintenance or improper use of the machine.



Contact us by phone (+32 3 454 20 89) or mail to info@ketele.com for more information about our rates.