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Kimla routers: innovation and quality

The Kimla BPF is the CNC milling machine for industrial operators striving for perfect finish quality and unprecedented speed. This versatile CNC machine is designed to machine a wide range of materials, including aluminium, wood, plastics, composites, MDF and PMMA. Whether your business is in shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, plastics processing, lettering, illuminated advertising or cladding, the Kimla BPF offers the reliability and performance you need.

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The versatility of the Kimla BPF makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications:

  • Automotive: Efficient production of high-quality parts, both for cars and trucks.
  • Plastics processing industry: Flexibility in machining various types of plastic.
  • Lettering and illuminated advertising: Precise cuts and engravings for eye-catching billboards and illuminated signs.
  • Cladding: Precise panels and components for perfect building finishing.
  • Shipbuilding: Precision and durability are crucial in the maritime industry.
  • Aviation: High accuracy and tight tolerances for complex parts.

Unique Features

What really sets the Kimla BPF apart is the option of linear motors and linear drives. This unique technology ensures exceptionally high motion speeds and accuracy. Linear motors have the advantages of being wear-resistant and offering accuracy of less than 1 micron across the entire table, with no backlash. This means that every milled piece meets the highest precision standards, time after time.


Advantages of the Kimla BPF

  • Impeccable finishing quality: The machine delivers an exceptionally high finish, essential for applications where precision and aesthetics go hand in hand.
  • Available sizes: The Kimla BPF comes in different sizes to meet your specific production requirements.
  • High performanceWith standard servomotors or the option of advanced linear motors, it offers unrivalled performance and speed.
  • Versatility in material processing: From metals to plastics and composites, the Kimla BPF cuts and processes any material with a perfect edge finish.

Why choose the Kimla BPF?

The Kimla BPF is not just another CNC machine; it is an investment in quality, speed and reliability. Thanks to its innovative technologies and robust construction, you can count on consistent performance and long machine life.

Choose the Kimla BPF and take your production to the next level with unparalleled precision and speed. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

With the Kimla BPF, you always make the right choice.

Technical specifications

Working size in mmWidth1.500 mm, 1.600 mm, 2.100 mm, 2.600 mm, 3.100 mm
Length2.100 mm, 2.500 mm, 3100 mm, 4.100 mm, 5.100 mm, 6.100 mm, 7.100 mm, 8.100 mm, 10.100 mm, 12.100 mm, 16.100 mm, 20.100 mm
Z-axis200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, 700 mm
Spindles (HSD Mechatronics)24.000 RPM7 kW, 9 kW, 12 kW, 14 kW, 16 kW, 18 kW and 20 kW
40.000 RPM5 kW
50.000 RPM3 kW
MotorsDigital AC servo drives or linear motors and drives
TableT-slot with clamps
Negative pressure table
Vacuum table
Hybrid table (T slot + vacuum)
ToolchangerWithout toolchanger
Toolchanger at the back of the machine
Rotary toolchanger at the XA side
Automatic correction of tool length
Control unit with display and PC on castors

Additional options:

Mister Automated
Additional heads Oscillating knife with dual servo motor
Folding wheel for creasing cardboard
Electrically controlled tangential knife
Knife for cutting thin foil
Accessory for writing with ink
Scanner Touch probe
Printer Digital matrix printer
Camera Digital camera for measuring reference points
Stops Pneumatic pop-up pens, sink into the table

Why choose Kimla?

  1. Experience and expertise
    Kimla has been building machines that meet the highest industrial standards for a quarter of a century. This expertise translates into reliable and sustainable machines that improve the production processes of companies worldwide.

  2. Advanced technology
    Kimla machines are equipped with the latest technologies (e.g. linear motors and drives), resulting in precision and efficiency. Whether it concerns CNC routers, laser cutters or water jets, each machine is designed to deliver optimal performance.

  3. Global installations
    With more than 3,500 machines installed worldwide, Kimla has a strong international presence. This success is a testament to the trust customers place in Kimla and the performance the machines deliver.

  4. Exclusive distributor in the Benelux and France
    From 2024, Ketele nv will be the exclusive distributor of Kimla machines in the Benelux and France. This means that customers in our regions have local access to the best service and support for these high-quality machines.


Our range

We offer a wide range of Kimla machines, including:

  • Industrial CNC routers: Ideal for machining materials, precision machining and making complex shapes.
  • Laser cutters: Fiber lasers for ultra-fast and precise cutting processes in various materials.
  • Waterjets: For cutting a wide range of materials without thermal distortion.


Discover the benefits of Kimla machines

When choosing a Kimla machine you choose innovation, quality and reliability. Whether you want to increase your production capacity, improve the accuracy of your operations or are looking for the most advanced technology, Kimla has the solution.

Contact us today to discover how Kimla machines can optimize your business processes. We are ready to support you with expert advice.