Graflux: high quality engraving sheets

Since 1984, we have been making high-quality engraving plates in our own production facility in Kontich (BE) that are suitable for your engraving machine and laser engraving machine.
There are three types of engraving plates in our range: Graflux 2, Graflux 3 and Graflux 4. 
We are happy to tell you more about it by following overview:

Graflux logo

We produce Graflux 2 engraving plates in-house on the basis of ABS. The base material is provided with a micro-thin top layer that you can then remove with your engraving machine. In this way, razor-sharp and indelible engravings are created. Graflux 2 is available in more than 50 different color combinations, 3 thicknesses and, if desired, we provide the plates with a self-adhesive 3M adhesive layer. The standard size is 1250 x 610 mm, other sizes (A4, tapes,…) are also possible. Graflux 2 is also available in an “All Weather” version that is suitable for outdoor use and is resistant to UV light.

Graflux 2 can be engraved and milled perfectly with a conventional engraving machine. 

Graflux 3 consists of a base plate based on PMMA and is provided with a micro-thin top layer. These engraving plates were specifically developed for engraving and cutting with a laser engraving machine. Standard size: 1250 x 610 mm.

Graflux 4 makes it possible to use different colors in one sheet. The plates are turned upside down and placed on the machine, the engraving must be applied to the plate in a mirror image. You can then color the engraving with different colors of paint. When you turn the plate over, you will see beautiful engravings in different colors. Standard size: 1250 x 610 mm.


More info? Take a look at our Graflux website.