Laserbond 100

Metal laser marking

As many users of a laser engraving machine know, you cannot engrave directly on bare metals with a CO² laser. The laser beams are reflected by the metal. To counter this problem, you can use a so-called marking paste.

Enter Laserbond 100!

This new product provides fantastic engraving results on stainless steel, aluminum, steel, brass, gold, ... Even the engraving of glass, ceramics and stone is possible. The engraving is burned into the material by the laser and is indelible. The engraving does not fade and is resistant to all weather conditions, scratches, chemicals, rust, acids, ...


How does it work?
We will explain that to you in a few simple steps


Carefully apply a layer of black spray to the piece you want to engrave with the handy aerosol can. Apply an even layer of marking fluid in smooth strokes. It is not necessary to apply a thick layer of liquid, a nice, fine layer works best.



Let the Laserbond 100 fluid on the plate dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not engrave the part or plate while the layer is still wet.

Tip: spray several plates at the same time and keep them in a dark, dry place.
You can still laser engrave the plates up to several months after being sprayed.



Place your tag or piece in your laser engraving machine and set the correct parameters:

– Speed: 20%
– Power: 100%
– DPI: 500
– PPI: 400
– Direction: bottom to top

– Software: Coreldraw Graphics Suite
– Machine: GCC Spirit SLS 25 Watt



Set the correct focus height and let the laser process the metal plate. You can already see the engraving appear, the laser beam indelibly burns the marking paste into the material.

Do you have a different machine with a different power? Adjust the parameters according to the capabilities of your own laser.



To see the end result, clean the metal plate with clean water.

As you can see, Laserbond 100 provides a beautiful, indelible engraving on your metal plate or piece.


final result

A razor-sharp, indelible result on a stainless steel plate!

The engraving is resistant to all weather conditions, chemicals, scratches, corrosion, acids, ...

Laserbond 100 was voted the number 1 marking product by “ The Engravers Journal