Professional engravings

The Cyborg MT-600 is a heavy-duty, robust engraving machine with a fixed bridge and moving table. This machine is suitable for professional engraving work where precision and accuracy are key. The chassis of this machine consists of cast steel pieces, cast steel bridge supports and a solid steel gantry.  It comes with a water-cooled Jäger high-frequency spindle.  The engraving area is 500 mm x 300 mm.  The Z-axis clearance is 100 mm. This machine is fitted with high-precision prismatic linear guides.  The controller of this machine outputs standard CNC G-code files, allowing it to work with various CAM programmes, such as EnRoute, Vectric, Mastercam, Artcam, Alphacam and many others, provided a post processor for Multicam or Cyborg is present.

Cyborg MT-600