Cyborg CNC routers

We build our Cyborg routers in many sizes. Looking for a small router, or a very large one? We build what you are looking for. We base ourselves on standard dimensions of sheet material, but other dimensions are also possible.

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The smallest Cyborg has a work surface of 900 x 600 mm. A small powerhouse that delivers great performances!

Net geen vierkant, het werkbereik van deze machine bedraagt 1250 x 1200 mm. Handig in kleine werkplaatsen waar de footprint van de portaalfreesmachine zo klein mogelijk moet blijven. Kan met een lineaire toolchanger uitgerust worden.


Anderhalve meter breed, drie meter lang, deze machine biedt je een ruim werkoppervlak. (Exacte afmeting: 1270 x 2500 mm) Een niet al te grote, maar wel krachtige machine die je nooit in de steek laat.

One and a half by three meters, a machine that processes most sheet sizes effortlessly. Exact size: 1500 x 3100 mm working area.


The 2030 has a large working range of up to 2050 mm in the Y axis and 3050 mm in the X direction.

The best-selling machine size, with 2050 mm reach in the Y direction and 4100 mm in the X direction, it easily handles all plate sizes. An impressive machine that makes itself indispensable in your company.

Extra large

Still looking for a bigger size? The 2060 has a work surface of no less than 2050 x 6100 mm, ready to process the largest plates effortlessly.

2050 x 8100 mm, an impressive appearance. This size is particularly appreciated in the world of cladding (facade cladding) and shipbuilding.

Custom size

Looking for something specific? Need a size that cannot be found anywhere by default? Special wishes? We build what you are looking for! 

Deze Cyborg R-2560 portaalfreesmachine heeft een werkbereik van 2500 x 6100 mm. De brug kan zowel voor- als achteraan nog eens 1250 mm verder rijden, zodat grote aluminium platen makkelijk geladen kunnen worden met een pneumatisch hefsysteem.

Vinçotte approved

Quality, durability and safety are the foundation of our Cyborg machines. Did you know that our Cyborgs received a blank Vinçotte inspection at both Sonaca Aircraft and LAG trailers? The best proof that our machines meet all safety and quality regulations!


Which machine are you interested in?