GCC LaserPro fiber laser

GCC LaserPro fiber laser

The FMC 280 from GCC LaserPro is a compact, but powerful fiber laser you can use to cut different metals. This fiber laser cuts stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, .... The edge finish is of the highest level.

GCC LaserPro FMC 280

Fiber source

The source of this machine is a powerful fiber laser that ensures excellent cutting results. This fiber laser allows you to cut up to 3 mm stainless steel and high-gloss metals such as copper and aluminum.

GCC FMC fiber laser

Capacitive head

Thanks to the capacitive height sensor in the cutting head, the focus distance between metal and head always remains the same. If the metal should deform under the influence of heat, the head automatically adjusts the height, so the same high cutting quality is guaranteed everywhere.

FMC 280 Capacitieve hoogtesensor


The “Drag-n-Play” function ensures the user can easily move the laser head to the desired origin position. Drag the head to the right place by hand and you're done! It couldn't be easier. 

fiber laser GCC FMC 280 Drag-n-play


The patented Duraguide motion system ensures fast, smooth and precise movements. The Kevlar-reinforced drive belts and the powerful, fast servo motors provide superior output.

fiberlaser GCC FMC 280 Duraguide

The GCC LaserPro fiber laser at work

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