Grinding machine

Zelf graveerfrezen aanslijpen

The Cyborg CG-01 milling grinder is a robust machine for grinding conical, cylindrical, and spherical engraving cutters.

Cast steel construction, equipped with three-phase drive motor. Interchangeable collets of different diameters are available: 3.0mm - 3.17mm - 4.0mm - 4.35mm - 5.0mm - 6.0mm - 6.35mm -… up to 16.0mm. Conicity and clearance angle are individually and freely adjustable. Suitable for sharpening HSS cutters and carbide (widia) cutters (depending on the sharpening stone used).

The three-phase induction motor makes this grinding machine extremely quiet. If you would like more information about sharpening angles for different materials, or if you would like to know the correct names of the angles of an engraving cutter, please contact us, we are happy to help you.


Cyborg CG-01 slijpmachine


  • Dimensions
  • power supply: 220 VAC - 50 Hz
  • weight: +/- 60 kg
  • max. rpm grinding stone: 5,200 RPM
  • collets: 3.0mm - 3.17mm - 4.0mm - 4.35mm - 5.0mm - 6.0mm - 6.35mm - 8.0mm - 10.0mm - 12.0 mm - 16.0 mm