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GCC LaserPro laser engravers

Discover the extensive possibilities of our GCC LaserPro machines. These Co² lasers deliver fantastic performances, they make the most beautiful laser engravings and ensure flawless cuts. You can choose from different models and power sources, each model guarantees years of top performance!

GCC LaserPro S400

Our most popular Co² lasers

GCC E200

GCC E200

The new GCC E200 is a small, powerful Co² laser engraving machine that is offered at a very attractive price. The machine has a work surface of 510 x 330 mm and has a 40 Watt glass tube. You can control the E200 directly from Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, CorelDraw Creative Suite 2021, Autodesk Autocad, ... 

GCC Venus II

GCC Venus II

This small but powerful Co² laser has an A4 work surface. You can easily install the Venus II on a desk. Thanks to the RF Synrad Firestar laser tube with a power of 12 Watt and the powerful servo motors, you can quickly and easily make the most beautiful engravings. Setting the surface is very easy thanks to the electronic Autofocus. You can control the laser directly from Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, CorelDraw Creative Suite 2021, Autodesk Autocad, ... 

C 180 II

GCC C 180 II

The C 180 II is a size larger than the Venus II and is available in two power classes. You can choose from a 12 Watt or a 30 Watt version. This Co² laser has a work surface comparable to an A3 format. You can effortlessly make the most beautiful engravings and razor-sharp cuts with this device.

GCC Laserpro Mercury III

GCC Mercury III

The Mercury III is a real workhorse. Available in 12, 30, 40 and 60 Watt and always equipped with fast and powerful servo motors. This Co² laser has a large working surface of 635 x 458 mm and a maximum engraving speed of 1066 mm / sec.

A "Rotary Attachment" is optionally available so that you can also engrave cylindrical objects such as bottles, glasses, cylinders, vases,…. Cabling for this option is standard on every Mercury III.

GCC Laserpro Spirit SLS

GCC Spirit SLS

The Spirit SLS lives up to all expectations. The work surface of this Co² laser is 640 x 460 mm, thanks to the smart design you can also laser engrave longer objects. The maximum engraving speed of this machine is an impressive 2000 mm / sec. Just like all other GCCs, you can control the Spirit directly from your graphics package.

GCC Laserpro X500 III


The X 500 III is a large, powerful Co² laser ideal for cutting materials. Available with a powerful, water-cooled laser tube of 80, 100, 120 or 150 Watt. This machine cuts effortlessly wood, MDF, PMMA and other materials. Thanks to the large work surface of 1300 x 916 mm, you can easily process large plates. You can control the laser directly from Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, CorelDraw Creative Suite 2021, Autodesk Autocad, ... 

What customers create with our lasers

Looking for a graphic software?

You need vectorial graphics software to control your laser. Our GCCs are compatible with Autocad , Illustrator , Indesign and Corel .

You don't have a graphics package? Don't worry, we can offer CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2021. With this vectorial software you prepare the most beautiful engravings and the cleanest cuts. You can design in CorelDraw, import numerous file formats, adjust graphic files, create QR codes, ... The possibilities are endless.

We install a virtual printer driver in CorelDraw and that way you can control the laser directly via USB 2.0 or Ethernet. In the driver you can set many parameters such as power, speed, origin, engraving direction, vector movement, raster engraving, contrast, ... The parameters can of course be stored in a library, so you do not have to keep searching for the correct values ​​for a specific material. 

We explain clearly how to prepare files in CorelDraw and run them on your GCC during the training. 

Start your design with Coreldraw Graphics Suite 2022. A professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing and typography software. Via the virtual printer driver you send your designs directly to your GCC laser.

You still haven't found what you are looking for?

Are you still looking for a different size? Still not quite finding what you're looking for among our most popular models?
No problem, GCC LaserPro has a very extensive range of laser engraving machines.
Tell us exactly what you are looking for and we will be happy to present you the suitable machine!

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