Professional engravings

With the Cyborg X-300, engraving plastic plates and non-ferrous metals is child's play. This engraving machine has a powerful, brushless DC motor that can rotate up to 20,000 RPM. The Cyborg X-300 is equipped with advanced surface detection so that you can get started quickly.

This engraving machine comes standard with the professional engraving software Symmetry.

Cyborg X-300

Solid base

The chassis of the X-300 forms a solid base and is well thought out. The openings on the side and front even make it possible to slide and engrave long and wide plates.

Cyborg X-300

Powerful spindle

The small but powerful engraving spindle has a power of 300 Watt and rotates up to 20,000 RPM. Ideal for engraving plastic plates, non-ferrous metals can also be easily engraved too.

Cyborg X-300

Smart options

The Cyborg X-300 engraving machine can optionally be equipped with numerous accessories. You can opt for a clamping vise with clamping bars, a vacuum cleaner, a vacuum table, etc. Contact us for more information.

Cyborg X-300

Handy software & pendent

With the powerful and user-friendly Symmetry software you can quickly create the most attractive layouts. Thanks to the virtual pendent, you can easily operate the machine. (Over Ethernet.)

Cyborg X-300

made in belgium

The Cyborg X-300 is 100% made in Belgium.
Design, assembly and quality control of each machine are executed in our industrial facility in Kontich. We only use state of art components to build the X-300 so you can be sure of excellent quality.

made in belgium

CE conformity

The Cyborg X-300 comes with a CE Certificate of Conformity, issued by Certification Experts the Netherlands. That way you can be sure of the quality, conformity, safety and proper functioning of your device.


The Cyborg X-300 offers without a doubt the highest quality/price ratio of all CNC engraving machines that you can find on the market. This small engraving machine was designed for engraving plastic engraving plates (for example Graflux II) and non-ferrous metal. Diamond engraving of stainless steel nameplates is also an option. This is the ideal machine in many sectors or for making:

  • warehouse management
  • funeral directors and crematoriums
  • oil and offshore companies
  • food industry
  • panel builders
  • electrical closets
  • municipal authorities
  • (social) housing companies
  • hotels
  • machine builders (type plates and control panels)
  • museums and art galleries
  • botanical gardens
  • public buildings such as hospitals, airports and libraries
  • public swimming pools
  • forest management
  • campsites