Easy and quick engravings

With the DE-3 from Roland DG, engraving plastic plates and non-ferrous metals becomes child's play. The machine has a brushless DC motor that can rotate up to 20,000 RPM. The DE-3 is equipped with advanced surface detection so that you can get started quickly and easily.

This engraving machine comes standard with Dr. Engrave + software, but can also be controlled with VCarve Desktop .


Roland DE-3

The Roland DE-3 offers without a doubt the highest quality / price ratio of all CNC engraving machines you can find on the market. This machine was designed for engraving plastic engraving plates (for example Graflux II) and non-ferrous metals. Diamond engraving of stainless steel nameplates is also possible. Many applications are conceivable:

  • panel building electrical cabinets
  • sports trophies
  • info & signage in botanical gardens
  • undertakers
  • name and identification plates in mechanical engineering
  • name badges
  • signage & information in hospitals and museums
  • name plates for social housing companies & syndic