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Looking for a qualitative and well-functioning machine for a small price?
Keep an eye on this page. Here you will find completely overhauled machines that have been checked on numerous critical points by our specialists. Interested in a particular second-hand machine? Send an email or give us a call, we will gladly tell you more about it.

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Refurbished Multicam MG-304 for sale. Main specifications:

  • Spindle: recent HSD Mechatronics ES-951, air cooled, 24.000 RPM, +/- 12,2 hp.
  • Toolchanger: rotary toolchanger, 8 positions, HSK F-63 cradles.
  • Motors: Yaskawa servo motors and drives on all axes
  • Guides: new IKO guides.
  • Vacuum table, waffle iron structure, 4 manual zones
  • Heavy steel chassis
  • Working area: 2045 x 3080 mm
  • Z passthrough: 200 mm
  • Pneumatic pop-up pins in the front and the XA side
  • New controller, pendent with color screen
Completely overhauled and checked, has signs of usage but is in very good condition. Contact us for more information or a quote.

Multicam MG-304

Cyborg R-1325-ST-M


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Demo machine Cyborg R-1325-ST-M. Specs:

  • Steel frame
  • Working area: 1250 x 2500 x 200 mm
  • Stepper motors on all axes
  • HSD Mechatronics manual spindle, 7 kW, 24.000 RPM
  • Vacuum table, waffle iron structure, 4 manual zones
  • Busch Mink MM 1252 AV vacuum pump
  • Year of construction: 04/2022


In perfect condition, has only run a few demos. Contact us for more info or a detailed quote.


(vacuum cleaner not included)


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This Cyborg LS-1080-BA stock machine has a powerful 100 Watt glass tube, precise stepper motors and an electronic Autofocus. Supplied with a compressed air compressor and an industrial cooling unit.

Immediately available, never used and available at a super interesting price! 

Cyborg LS-1080-BA

Cyborg FT-900


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Used Cyborg FT-900, completely overhauled.
Equipped with a Jäger Chopper spindle and tool changer with 9 positions.
T-slot table for manual clamping of the workpieces.
The useful milling range is 800 mm x 600 mm.

for sale

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Cyborg laser, equipped with a Rofin CO² laser source of 350 Watt. Built with Mitsubishi servo motors, water-cooled anti-reflection mirrors, capacitive height sensor, working range 1250 x 2500 mm. Including software, industrial cooling unit and a BOFA AD 4000 extraction system for extracting smoke and gases. Nitrogen and oxygen tanks not included.

Cyborg laser

Multicam 5-306


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Used MultiCam 5-306, completely overhauled.
Features a rotating tool changer, double suction, oscillating knife, tangential knife, folding wheel, camera and double Busch Mink vacuum pump.


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