Roland MPX-90s

Marking and personalizing with the MPX-90s

The Roland MPX-90s is a budget-friendly yet versatile metal impact printer. With the diamond head you hammer numbers, letters, logos and even photos into metal pendants and jewelry. Marking industrial tools and instruments is also possible. Unlike the MPX-95, the MPX- 90s has no removable base and no laser pointer, but the engraving quality and performance are of course equal.

Engraving machine for metal

This affordable, easy-to-use device is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. It is ideal for engraving gold, platinum, silver, copper, stainless steel, titanium, brass and so on.

Roland MPX-90s

Give metal objects a personal touch

With the MPX-90s it is possible to personalize a wide variety of gifts, business gifts, keepsakes and souvenirs, such as:

• Ballpoint pens and stationery
• Glasses and sunglasses
• Jewelry, watches and cufflinks
• Pet badges
• Hip flasks and drinking jugs
• Vases and urns
• USB sticks and smart appliances
• Jewelery boxes
• Keychains
• Trophies
• Lighters
• Cutlery